The Cause

There are many, many causes in the world that need our help and attention. BYH is dedicated to making as big of an impact as possible on this globe.


Each collection we create will have a non-profit partner!  Our very first collection was centered around the heart. This past February, we put together a bold and beautiful Valentine's Day collection that supported the American Heart Association and kept hearts beating across America. 


Our Notepads with Pizzazz collection will go towards empowering young women through Girls on the Run. 

And now - it's CHRISTMAS time and we want to be sure all the rescue pups are going to be taken care of. It is our joy to be partnering with Best Buddies Furever out of Katy, TX.

Even custom orders give back too! For each custom stationary order, YOU get to pick where the 10% goes. That's right, YOU!


If you are interested in partnering with us, please e-mail 

Let's change the world, one card at at time!